Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Open Doors'

Another beautiful day in Amelia.

After breakfast in the granary & cappuccinos on the terrace, the group headed off to see some of the sights that were open to the public as part of an "Open Doors" day throughout Italy.

Several palaces, a beautiful ancient theatre, cathedrals and churches, and the Roman cisterns, below the village streets, dating to 300BC, all took part in the event.

Amelia's City Hall, at left, features many ancient Etruscan and Roman stone artifacts and architectural pieces, which continue to be found on a regular basis, during repairs on the village walls or streets, for example.

We gathered for a lunch cooking class in the granary kitchen, where we prepared crostini, lentil soup, fennel baked in cream and parmesan and wild mushroom risotto. For dessert, the beautiful local pecorino and fresh pears.

Unfortunately our friend Sidney had a minor kitchen accident and cut his finger while working on the olive tapenade. A quick trip to the hospital one block away and he was back to stirring the pot and enjoying the local wine - albeit without any sharp objects! Good sport, Sidney. Happy to report his finger is healing nicely!

Tom and Dale are loving la bella vita in Italy!

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